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Shannon Block

Chief Operating Officer

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About Shannon

​Shannon is a Principal and Chief Operating Officer of Staffing the Universe. She focuses on healthcare compliance and program solutions, mastering the complexities that ensure optimal levels of service to our customers. She uses her fine-tuned management style and marketing expertise to position the organization as a value-added partner to its clients. Shannon has participated in numerous healthcare committees, discussion panels, and brainstorming symposiums to further the concepts of compliance, credentialing, validation, and verification. She is an active member of the Joint Commission, the American Staffing Association, and Staffing Industry Analysts. Shannon was previously appointed Vice Chairman and then Chairman of ASA’s Healthcare Policy Section. She was also named on the 2016 list of Millennials in Staffing by SIA. Outside of her professional duties, Shannon has consulted for hospital non-profits and lectured at Quinnipiac University, where she currently serves as a liaison to their International Budapest program. A Certified Staffing Professional (CSP), Shannon holds a B.A. and MBA from Quinnipiac University and has 15 years of staffing experience.

Hobbies and Interest