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Steve Dern

Executive Vice President - Talent Solutions

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About Steve

Steve Dern serves as the Executive Vice President of Talent Solutions, leading the sales, marketing , and MSP operations for Evaluent.  He is a respected veteran of the talent management industry.  Entering the sector in 2002 as an MSP Account Manager for one of the nation’s largest utilities, Steve quickly found success and rose to ranks as a Regional Vice President of Client Services and Operations in companies such as Guidant Global, IQNavigator, and GRI.  In 2016, Steve’s focus shifted to business development and marketing, where he always leveraged a consultative approach with clients, founded on his expertise in managing or launching 25 MSP or VMS programs across various industry verticals, including Energy, Retail, Manufacturing, Technology, Software, Consumer Products, Marketing, Defense Contracting, and Business Services.  Steve has been heavily involved in VMS and direct sourcing technology evaluation and strategic supplier management and recognition programs.  Over the years, he has become a frequent guest speaker or panelist at industry events including CWS, Beeline, VMSA Live, and Job Diva conferences.  Recognizing that no program can succeed without the strong engagement of suppliers, Steve has always provided consult and mentorship to suppliers as they seek to improve their position in the talent ecosystem.


“I have had exposure to a lot of things during the past 25 years in the staffing and talent solutions sector, and I know that a successful program doesn’t happen because of one player.  It takes an entire ecosystem working cohesively and cooperatively to deliver a successful contingent workforce solution.  The MSP, VMS, supply base, technology solutions – all of these must work in concert from program launch through maturity to achieve long term success.  Evaluent is a diverse solution that offers a lot from a service perspective – MSP, Payrolling, IC Compliance, Direct Sourcing - and embraces the other players in the ecosystem for their expertise and innovation to complement our outstanding track record of service delivery.”


Steve is a proud graduate of Miami University, where he holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and is based in Lebanon, Ohio, where he resides with his wife, two children, and dog.

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