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Future of Work Exchange Podcast - Spring 2022

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The Future Of Work

The extended workforce, like an extended family, continues to branch in new directions. Evaluent Talent Solution’s EVP Steve Dern recently discussed the latest workforce trends with Christopher Dwyer, host of the Future of Work Exchange Podcast. Tune in here

Dwyer and Dern share a passion for understanding current workforce challenges, predicting the future of the talent management industry, and bantering about the Cincinnati Bengals.  

“We’ve shared the conference stage many times over the past decade, but this was the first time we’ve sat down for a podcast,” said Dwyer. “It was a delight to hear Steve’s perspectives on the evolving world of work and talent, how the extended workforce will continue to impact enterprises, and, most importantly, how Evaluent will continue to serve the dynamic needs of the mid-market organization.”

Dern said, “The work that Christopher Dwyer is doing with both Ardent Partners and The Future of Work Exchange is great!  He has such credibility in the workforce solutions space.  I hope people enjoy the listen and gain some new perspective along the way.”

Join us to learn more about how solutions—including Employer of Record, Managed Service Provider, and direct sourcing—are being used by today’s growing companies.