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What Do Jan Brady and a Mid-Market Contingent Labor Program Have in Common? You May Be Surprised.

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Am I invisible? Do I not have a voice? I had that idea two days ago!”

―Jan Brady


“What’s it like being a mid-market contingent labor program when you want to engage a managed service provider?” people ask. Well, if you’re in this position yourself, you’re aware of what it’s like: It feels like you’re Jan Brady stuck in a Marcia-obsessed world. The traditional MSPs want clients whose program fit the ideal “Marcia” model – big logos with equally big spend and headcount levels, potentially global in scope, and most of all, deep pockets and internal resources to help stand up the program.However, if you are a “Jan” program operating in the small to mid-market world, they want to “offer you a solution” — meaning, they might want your business — but only if you conform to their idea of a good MSP model to work with them.

It may make even the most mild-mannered businesses want to shout, “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!” Why is the focus always about the bigger, more visible businesses? You're not a cookie-cutter business, and you shouldn’t be treated like everyone else. Trying to make a mid-sized business adopt a model that works well for large corporations just doesn’t work. Yet, Jan simply wants to recognize the same benefits and values of an MSP solution that Marcia does – access to good talent and suppliers, maximum value for the investment, compliance, visibility, automation, etc.


The Problem With “Model” MSPs

Often, a so-called model MSP is a predefined delivery model through remote resources with a watered-down technology stack. The problem? This approach completely lacks any personal touch, and it doesn’t consider a mid-sized company’s specific business challenges and cultural demands. Instead, it often leaves them feeling misunderstood and undervalued.

Are you tired of being treated like Jan Brady - overlooked simply because of who you are? Sure! Marcia had “the look”, dated the star quarterback, and even got a visit from Davey Jones of The Monkees. However, Jan was unique and cool on her own merits. As much as she tried, she didn’t truly want to be Marcia — she simply wanted to get the attention she deserved while still being true to herself. Small- and mid-sized businesses need to do things on their own terms, too.

Finding a Partner Who Gets You

Is it time for your business to find a business partner that who ‘gets you’ and values the kind of company you are and the challenges you face? A business partner who flexes to the unique needs and visions of your business?A business partner who truly wants to partner with you to create a program that your stakeholders want to use?

At Evaluent, creating custom MSPs for the Jan Bradys of the world — small- and mid-sized companies — is our singular focus and specialty: It’s what we do each and every day. Evaluent zeroes in on the under-served needs of smaller and mid-market companies to provide the benefits of an end-to-end MSP without the typical end-to-end MSP costs. The clients we partner with are seeking comprehensive, yet cost-efficient solutions for staffing supplier management, worker fulfillment, payroll, independent contractor compliance and engagement, direct sourcing, SOW administration, and more without settling on a delivery model that is prefabricated and lacks cultural integration and relationships.

We partner with you to create a robust solution that unites, streamlines, and optimizes every facet of your mid-sized contingent labor program. Reach out to us today to find out if we’re a good fit!