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Payroll Success Story | Fortune 200 Oil & Gas Company

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Payroll   Fortune 200 Oil Gas


There were several problems our client was facing when they first reached out to us.

  • Current payroll workers were classified incorrectly and this led to improper markups being applied.

  • Automation in enrollment process was nonexistent ​

  • Delays in worker start dates, many times involving billable resources, yielding lost revenue

  • They were interested in diversity spend opportunities

  • Poor service response by current supplier


We provided solutions that:

  • Encompassed low and high-risk payroll skillset categories for over 900 employees

  • Created markup structures based on spend volumes and skillsets

  • Provided multiple payroll runs each week

  • Incorporated an automated enrollment process

  • Provided access to diversity spend

  • Included weekly, monthly and quarterly updates


  • Payroll solution deployment occurred within 4 weeks for all of US

  • Increase in diversity spend recognition of $20M+ annually

  • Reduced aging issues

  • Dramatically improved "time to fill" and "turnover" metrics