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Ardent|Partners 2022 MSP Solution Advisor Report names Evaluent as a Mid-market “Specialty Leader.”

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In a newly released study of the MSP landscape, Ardent Partners, an industry-leading research firm, identified Evaluent as “a forward-thinking and innovative MSP solution that drives incredible value to the mid-market sector.”

Christopher J. Dwyer, SVP of Research at Ardent Partners, Managing Director of the Future of Work Exchange, and author of the MSP Solution Advisor report, said, “Through their dedication to white-glove, high-touch services, direct sourcing, and progressive MSP offerings, Evaluent will be a prominent player in the mid-market in 2022 and beyond.”

Ardent Partners analyzed service offerings from eleven (11) MSP providers. The study included a thorough and probative questionnaire covering all aspects of service offerings and in-depth customer interviews, briefings, and solution demonstrations from each participant. Areas of focus included core MSP offerings, strategic services (including advisory and consulting services), SOW and services procurement, direct sourcing, compliance and risk mitigation, technology partnerships, and reporting and analytics. The report contained inputs on usability, solution services, completeness of offering, customer reviews, company presence, and ability to execute, as well as company focus and future solution strategy.

Evaluent EVP Steve Dern said, “What makes us different is that Evaluent is focused on supporting mid-market organizations who have frequently been overlooked and unheard by traditional providers.Just like large corporations, they want tailored solutions with a strong commitment to service and technology innovations.” He explained that the blend of end-to-end automation with strategic human touchpoints drives high engagement by both client and suppliers who can collaborate in the talent ecosystem.

One of Dern’s favorite analogies is an episode of The Brady Bunch featuring middle-child Jan lamenting about the attention focused on her siblings. “Being a mid-size organization is not unlike being the neglected middle child,” said Dern. “Mid-size companies want a partner who listens to their problems and evolves in step with their business. They want to feel special in their own right.”

Dern said, “We are pleased to be recognized by Ardent for our ability to deliver value designed for the mid-size company's needs.” Solution cases called out in the study included:

  • Businesses looking for a first-generation program to kickstart enhanced management of non-employee talent.

  • Mid-market organizations seeking dedicated guidance regarding direct sourcing, talent curation, and talent pool development.

  • Enterprises desiring an MSP solution that goes beyond core services and is supported by deep levels of staffing, HR, and contingent workforce management expertise.

About Evaluent

Evaluent is a Total Talent Solutions innovator delivering comprehensive yet cost-efficient solutions for smaller and mid-market companies. The company is a division of the Block family of staffing companies and headquartered in East Brunswick, New Jersey. For more information, visit

About Ardent Partners and theFuture of Work Exchange:

Ardent Partners is a Boston-based research and advisory firm that is the preeminent source of guidance and insights into the evolving world of talent and work.The Future of Work Exchange, powered by Ardent Partners, is an exciting new venture designed to engage HR and procurement professionals and create an open forum for innovative dialogue and the “exchange” of ideas, strategies, and practices that business executives can use to transform both their talent and their talent management operations. For more information, please visitThe Future of Work Exchange.