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Is Your Direct Sourcing Solution Like a Bad Tailgate Party?

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Throughout the fall and early winter many professionals from the staffing and contingent workforce solutions industry get together for a lively few days of thought leadership discussions, product demonstrations, and networking events. In addition to all the learning and idea-sharing that occurs, these conferences also act as a class reunion for many attendees, with people convening from all corners of the country to reunite, catch up, and renew discussions on two common and hotly contested themes: direct sourcing… and football season.


Often, after a nice dinner (and possibly a couple of cocktails at the hotel bar), conversations turn to one another’s allegiances to favorite sports teams. Its not just the teams we talk about, but also the rituals that go hand-in-hand with the games: After all, a great tailgate party is arguably the most important of the pre-game rituals, and its finer points must be debated.


Direct Sourcing Solutions and Soggy Hot Dogs


We’ve all suffered through a bad football game. But a bad tailgate party? We wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to turn a high-potential tailgate experience into a disaster. Even if you’ve purchased the tastiest food and most delicious drinks, forgetting the charcoal or gas for the grill can derail things in an instant. You may have bacon-wrapped filet mignons, beer brats marinating with onions and peppers, and ribs covered in your favorite BBQ sauce — but if you cant cook the food and keep it warm, you and your guests are in for a subpar (and soggy) experience. People won’t be so eager to accept your next tailgating invitation after that — and your former reputation as a consummate host will be wrecked as quickly as a table at a Bills’ tailgate party.


The same principle holds true when implementing a digital or direct sourcing solution. Even if you engage the best sourcing platform and tap into scores of candidates who are interested in working for your company, you’ll end up wasting a lot of both your time and candidates’ time if you dont have access to a curation process to assess candidates’ skills and properly vet potential hires. In addition, you’ll jeopardize the brand equity you’ve built up over time that attracted candidates to want to work for you in the first place.


The Right Process for Success


The bottom line? Whether you’re planning the perfect tailgate party or the ultimate direct sourcing solution, the right ingredients for success are useless if you don’t first have the right process in place. That’s why at Evaluent, we give our clients a direct sourcing solution that includes thorough candidate curation to ensure candidates are quickly, efficiently, and compliantly deployed and onboarded.


In addition, our digital marketing campaigns make it easy for clients to showcase and promote their brands as a destination of choice for alumni, silver medalists, and gig economy talent. We help clients find the right talent for their projects, while keeping them interested and engaged in the company’s brand and upcoming opportunities. When contingent workers are billable resources to your customers projects, every minute counts — and getting it right the first time is essential. Find the right talent in less time, without sacrificing quality.


Our consistent and proven process for engaging potential candidates enables you to not only vet your candidates (the main “ingredients” of your total talent strategy), but also keeps them engaged throughout the process and motivated to support your organization when the opportunity arises. Reach out us today to find out more.